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Lynn August
The Legendary Lynn August – Then and Now
Liner Notes

The personal and musical story of Lynn August is nothing short of amazing and plays out like a classic movie script! Legally Blind since infancy, and totally blind by the age of four, Lynn August was immersed in the musical Creole culture of Southwest Louisiana (Lafayette). He developed his musical and vocal skills and talent at such a phenomenal level, that he was playing drums six nights a week by the time he was eleven in the local clubs in Fats Junior rock and roll band. While playing drums for Fats Junior’s band at the legendary Bradford’s White Eagle in Opelousas, Louisiana as an opening act for rock and roll pioneer, and legend Esquerita, Lynn August impressed Esquerita so much with his musical talent; that Esquerita made a personal visit to Lynn August’s parents home and convinced them that Lynn’s musical talent would be further developed as a drummer in his band. For three years, Lynn August performed as a drummer in rock and roll pioneer and legend Esquerita’s band in New Orleans, Louisiana where he was encouraged and convinced by Esquerita himself to learn the piano and become the lead in his own band. In the 1970’s Lynn August was asked to play organ with the legendary Marcel Dugas and the Entertainers. While playing blues and zydeco music for Marcel Dugas, Lynn August’s wife convinced him to purchase and learn the accordion. He then went on to form his own Zydeco band called Lynn August and the Hot August Nights where he toured nationally and internationally and produced several classic Zydeco and Blues CDs on record labels like Black Top and Maison de Soul. His life, musical and studio experience gave him the inspiration to found, operate and teach at “Touch Tech,” a highly successful company that designed and sold computers to the visually impaired.

Lynn August’s life and passion for Zydeco music and the blues is perhaps one of the best examples of the resilience, struggle and beauty of the Zydeco and Blues Nation. The passion in his voice and his musical longevity (which has been over 55 years) has solidified his persona as “The Most Powerful Voice in the Zydeco and Blues Nation!” Lynn August’s latest CD project “The Legendary Lynn August – Then and Now” is a testament to his legacy and these 15 outstanding and soul stirring tracks will introduce and tell the story to new generations of listeners in the Zydeco and Blues Nation and will serve as a musical standard for the next generation of Zydeco and Blues Musicians.

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